Yoko Ono believes that her late husband John Lennon's ex-bandmate SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is odd - but he's entitled to be.

One, who has a famous tempestuous relationship with McCARTNEY, doesn't agree with Paul's decision to change the songwriting credit on BEATLES songs from LENNON/McCARTNEY to McCARTNEY/LENNON - but puts it down to the guitarist's "quirkiness".

She says, "It was a shock to me. I didn't like it. But Paul and I go through all sorts of things business-wise and sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't.

"Paul's got a quirky side, and this is his quirk. We're all allowed to have some quirks."

Yoko believes that John would have been much more worried about events in Iraq.

She adds, "I'm more concerned with the war which John would have been devastated about, of course. So in the big picture this is just a blip. We should forget about it."