Yoko Ono has slammed Paul McCartney for changing the credits on some Beatles to put his name in front of her late husband John Lennon's - accusing him of tampering with tradition.

The 70-year-old, who previously dubbed McCartney "quirky" for the name-swap, admits she's upset with McCartney switching the usual Lennon/McCartney credit to McCartney/Lennon on his BACK IN THE USA LP, which features 19 FAB FOUR tracks.

She says, "Paul and I chatted and got along OK at a gathering we had after George Harrison died.

"But while he was chatting with me, he was putting his name in front of John's on the records. Let's put it this way, that was a little bit jarring. John's name should always be first because it's tradition. It's a trademark, and you don't change that."

27/05/2003 09:08