Conceptual artist Yoko Ono has invited audience members to climb onstage and cut off her clothing during her performance CUT PIECE in Paris.

The widow of murdered BEATLE John Lennon asked the audience to tear off pieces of her clothing to "send to the one you love", a repeat of a show she put on in the sixties as a peace process.

The first to take the stage was her son Sean Lennon, who cut a hole in the sleeve of her black tunic.

He says, "It was nerve-wracking. She is really brave to do this again. It was very moving and very intense."

Yoko, 70, says, "I was a little bit scared. But I wasn't that scared because I tried to do it with love. And I think there is a lot of love out there.

"When I first performed this work, in 1964, I did it with some anger and turbulence in my heart. This time, I do it with love for you, for me and for the world."

16/09/2003 18:20