Yoko Ono will be taking fans' prayers to the Iceland Peace Tower she set up as a memorial to her late husband John Lennon after collecting them at the Glastonbury festival in England this weekend (27-29Jun14).

Event bosses are setting up "wish trees" on the site, where music fans can leave their scribbled hopes and dreams for Ono.

She says, "I know that they are creating a space for wish trees. I was glad to hear that. People should know that their wishes will be collected and be sent to the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland."

The Imagine Peace Tower on Vioey Island near Reykjavik consists of a tall tower of light. Buried underneath the light tower are upward of 500,000 written wishes that Ono gathered over the years.

The tower, which was unveiled in 2007, is lit every year from 9 October to 8 December - the dates of Lennon's birth and death.