Singer and artist Yoko Ono has agreed to settle a lawsuit over allegations she copied her wacky clothing line from another designer.

Stylist Haleh Nematzadeh sued John Lennon's widow last year (13) amid accusations she had stolen her ideas for the unconventional Fashion for Men range from a fetish-inspired line by the Brooklyn, New York-based plaintiff's Smashing Starlets clothing company.

Ono's bizarre range featured clothing with handprints printed over the crotch and nipple holes, and Nematzadeh claims the musician saw sketches for her women's line in 2012, when she presented her creations to Ono's design firm Opening Ceremony, before tweaking the designs and passing them off as her own.

The Japanese star denied the allegations, claiming she had drawn inspiration for the collection from her late husband, but now she has decided to pay off Nematzadeh to end the legal dispute, according to the New York Post.

The terms of the deal remain private and both parties have signed a confidentiality agreement preventing them from discussing the case.