Yoko Ono doesn't want her son to be compared to John Lennon.

The 80-year-old artist - who enjoyed an 11 year marriage to the 'Imagine' hit-maker before he was shot dead in 1980 -feared their son, Sean, would find the pressure of being compared to The Beatles singer too difficult to deal with and hoped the 38-year-old wouldn't pursue music.

Yoko told The Sun newspaper: ''Of course neither of us encouraged Sean to learn songs by The Beatles or by John. I was hoping he'd become an archaeologist or something. I didn't want him to go into music and suffer being the son of John Lennon.

''I've been in that position myself, you know, being compared to John and so I'm speaking about Sean objectively, and I say that Sean is incredibly good at what he does.''

Sean now works alongside his mother as her creative director, leading the reformed Plastic Ono Band, and Yoko claims he is responsible for a lot of her success.

She added: ''Without knowing it, Sean probably saved me. Both me and my career. I really believe that.''