Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and their Artists Against Fracking organisation have taken their message to the streets by posting a billboard on the Major Deegan Expressway in New York.

The group is hoping to urge state Governor Andrew Cuomo to thoroughly study hydraulic fracturing prior to an upcoming regulatory deadline.

The billboard reads: "Governor Cuomo: Imagine There's No Fracking" - a reference to a line in John Lennon's peace anthem Imagine.

Ono tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Our message is simple - we want Governor Cuomo to imagine and guarantee a New York free of the fracking threat to our water, air, beautiful landscapes and climate. Every time New Yorkers pass this billboard, we also want them to imagine a truly clean energy future, not fracking."

And Lennon adds, "Fracking for gas is inherently dirty and dangerous. Cement and pipes at these great depths are simply not reliable, as the industry's own documents show. Cracks and leaks will inevitably poison wells and aquifers. Rural communities will be turned into industrial brownfields. No amount of regulation can make fracking safe."

Artists Against Fracking have called for a meeting with Cuomo to discuss the consequences of fracking, but have yet to receive a response.