Yoko Ono's imprisoned former driver KORAL KARSAN has been hit with a detention warrant by US immigration officials, who suspect the Turkish national was working in America illegally. Karsan, 50, was arrested last week (13DEC06) on charges of first-degree attempted grand larceny, after his Ono alleged he attempted to extort $2 million (GBP1.02 million) from her. Karsan's lawyer ROBERT GOTTLIEB was hoping to get his client freed yesterday (18DEC06) after securing a $250,000 (GBP125,000) bail package when he discovered Immigration and Customs Enforcement had issued the warrant. He says, "The issue, apparently, is whether he is here legally. I have told the assistant district attorney we will not post bail until we straighten out that issue. "He has worked non-stop since (1992) to get a green card (for permanent resident status). The question is whether that was resolved properly."