Yoko Ono grew up so insecure about her looks, husband John Lennon had to constantly reassure her about her beauty.
The Japanese performer claims she inherited her father's bone structure and always felt she had more masculine than feminine features.
She reveals, "All my life my mother told me that I had strong jaws like a guy. It was not womanly. Well, I got them from my father, I think. So yes, I won’t say I am particularly feminine."
Ono reveals that Lennon fought to boost her self-esteem during their marriage, adding, "I used to hide my jaws with my long hair. John used to say, 'Show me your face!' and took my hair out of my face. 'Look, you’re beautiful. I don’t know why you are hiding with your hair.' I kept myself hidden."
But she does admit the Beatle had an unkind nickname for her, to poke fun at her odd physique: "My head was unusually large for my small body. So John called me a Martian."