LATEST: Yoko Ono's troubled former driver is to be detained in jail as US immigration officials investigate claims he's in America illegally. KORAL KARSAN was on the verge of being released from custody on $250,000 (GBP128,200), following his arrest last week (13DEC06) on blackmail charges, when authorities swooped to keep him behind bars. Turkish-born Karsan stands accused of attempting to blackmail his former employer, Ono, with unflattering photographs he took of her and tapes of her private phone conversations and comments. The 50-year-old has since been charged with attempted grand larceny. Karsan's lawyer, ROBERT GOTTLIEB, admits he was hoping to have his client released this morning (19DEC06): "We heard that a detainer was issued. "The issue, apparently, is whether he is here legally. I have told the assistant district attorney we will not post bail until we straighten out that issue." The attorney insists his client entered the US legally on a work visa in 1992 and he has been working in America ever since. Karsan is scheduled to appear in Manhattan Criminal Court later today (19DEC06).