Yoko Ono will break from tradition when she marks the 25th anniversary of her late husband John Lennon's assassination this year (05), by spending it away from their New York City apartment.

Ono has always spent the 8 December at home in the Dakota Building, where the IMAGINE star was gunned down by obsessed fan Mark David Chapman in 1980.

But this year she will visit Lennon's native Britain on the landmark date and attend a series of special events arranged to honour Lennon's enduring legacy.

She says, "I usually spend the day at home, and then, in the evening, I light candles to let (the fans) know I am still with them.

"But this year is an important anniversary. John is still very present in my life, and both SEAN, our son, and I have John in our minds and hearts.

"There is nothing different about that this year. I miss him every day, and that's just part of my life.

"But this is a major year for John's work, and there are many events to celebrate it. To celebrate in London, with the British, is great."