LATEST: Yoko Ono has lashed out at the British media for suggesting she still bears a grudge against former BEATLE Sir Paul McCartney.

Ono allegedly took a swipe at McCartney's songwriting when she took to the stage at Q Awards last month (10OCT05) to collect a special award on behalf of her late husband, McCartney's former bandmate John Lennon.

But Ono insists any bad feelings have been invented by the media, because the pair called a truce on their turbulent past a long time ago.

She says, "People like to picture Paul and me in a boxing ring, feuding all the time, otherwise it's not exciting or interesting for them.

"People need light-hearted topics like me and Paul fighting to escape all the horror of the world, but it's not true anymore.

"I'm sure the next time we see each other it will be fine.

"We have clashed many times in the past. But I do respect Paul now for having been John's partner and he respects me for being John's wife."