Yoko Ono has unveiled her controversial new photo exhibition, featuring close-up shots of a woman's breasts and genitalia.

But the widow of BEATLE John Lennon insists her work is not meant to shock.

Ono's pictures entitled MY MOTHER WAS BEAUTIFUL has been dedicated to the IMAGINE singer and his mother JULIA who died when he was 18 - and will be part of Liverpool's BIENNIAL FESTIVAL which is expected to attract 250,000 people to the English city between now and November (04).

She says, "I don't think the images are shocking because that's the first thing you see when you are born.

"When Liverpool Biennial was very generous to include me in the show I though, 'Why don't I do My Mother Was Beautiful?'

"And the minute I thought of that I, of course, thought of John.

"When he was alive John missed his mother so strongly and he was always talking about his mother in such a beautiful way."

17/09/2004 17:18