Yoko Ono has paid tribute to her late husband John Lennon on the 31st anniversary of his death, hailing the current wave of global activism as a testament to his legacy.
Lennon was gunned down outside his New York home by crazed Mark Chapman on 08 December, 1980, plunging the world into shock and mourning.
Ono has since worked tirelessly to keep the Beatles legend's memory alive, and she's adamant he would have been proud to witness the 'Occupy' protests against capitalism and the uprisings in several countries in the Middle East this year (11).
She tells Usa Today, "John was about making the world a better place. He sang Gimme Some Truth, so when I see all the activism out there today, I feel like we will turn the corner soon."
Ono also reveals she still finds it painful to listen to Lennon's music, adding, "I play John's songs all the time, but mainly because (musicians) are asking if they can do this song or that. But I don't listen for pleasure. When I do, it chokes me up to remember when it was written."