Yoko Ono has broken her usual rule of defending late husband John Lennon's work, by allowing sexy singer Delta Goodrem to change the title of his hit HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER).

The artist has given the Australian hitmaker permission to change the song to HAPPY XMAS (LET THE WAR BE OVER) for a cover of the tune to be released in her homeland next month (DEC03).

And Delta's producer VINCE PIZZINGA confesses he didn't expect Ono - who fought with Lennon's bandmate Sir Paul McCartney over writing credits on Beatles tracks earlier this year (03) - to give the proposal the go-ahead.

He says, "We just couldn't believe it when we heard back Yoko had agreed.

"It was very gracious of her. To be safe, I had Delta record the track both times, once with our ending and another with the original ending.

"I personally think it has come out beautifully and Delta has certainly put her own magic touch to the song."

07/11/2003 16:54