Yoko Ono finally granted permission for John Lennon's peace anthem IMAGINE to be used for an awareness campaign after deciding she trusted the charity's intentions. Since the ex-Beatle was murdered in 1980, Ono has turned down hundreds of requests from organisations wanting to use Imagine, but has now finally decided to give the OK to Amnesty International. The 1971 song features on a new CD, Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur, otherwise made up of Lennon covers. The double album is raising money to benefit relief efforts in the war-torn region of Sudan. Ono says, "I'm not afraid to say no. There are so many people and organisations who've had that same request, and I've said no to everybody. "The Amnesty International people brought this proposal to me and I responded very quickly because I had been doing some projects with them before that and had a very good feeling about them. "So in this case it was a big 'Yes'."