JOHN LENNON'S widow Yoko Ono has defended her decision to continue living in the building she once shared with the former beatle. The widow and her now-grown son SEAN lived in the Dallas Building, New York City, with Lennon prior to his death in 1980, when he was shot outside it by Mark Chapman. Despite constant pressure to move on and away from the scene of the tragedy, Ono insists it'll always be home. She says, "I am not trapped there. When Western Europeans say, 'But how can you stand living in a place where that happened?' it's a kind of racism. "You stay in the place you made a home. The fact that one member of the family has died should not make you want to move out. "That's the only home John and I had. It's the place where John was, where we were together, the place where Sean was from the beginning of his life. "I'm not going to throw it away."