Yes rocker JON ANDERSON pulled out of a charity fundraising concert, after his spiritual adviser told him not to perform. The frontman of the classic rock band was due to perform at the Paul Green School of Rock Music in San Francisco, California - the inspiration for Jack Black movie School of Rock. But Anderson has cancelled, claiming his guru told him not to perform again this year. The school's music director Aldo Noboa tells PageSix that Anderson also asked him to tell pupils he had pulled out for "health reasons". Noboa says, "It does add a little more burn to the thing. I understand it's polite (to cite health reasons), but why should we do that? It seems kind of presumptuous. You have to honour your commitments. "His name is already on the tickets and the posters, and a good number of the tickets were sold on the strength of Jon Anderson. The kids are upset and a lot of their parents who are Yes fans are like, 'What the hell is this?' I mean, how bad can playing with the kids be? That can't be bad karma, can it?" Anderson told an interview with Howard Stern last year that his advisor "helped him see into the fourth dimension."