Prog-rock legends Yes have returned to the studio to record their first album of new material in a decade.
The group has reunited with producer Trevor Horn for the highly-anticipated new album, which will be titled Fly From Here.
The project was inspired by a conversation between Horn and Yes bassist Chris Squire, who re-discovered the song Fly From Here and realised it had never been recorded in a studio.
Horn tells website, "I said I was prepared to spend two weeks with Yes recording that song. When I arrived in America to record it, I was taken prisoner by the band and only allowed my freedom again in return for producing the whole album. It was an offer I couldn't refuse."
Squire insists longtime fans of the band will love the new material: "It represents the best of Yes from the '70s and the '80s with a current twist."
Meanwhile, keyboard player Geoff Downes, who was briefly part of the group in the early 1980s, has rejoined Yes for the new album. The group currently consists of Squire, Downes, Steve Howe, drummer Alan White and frontman Benoit David.