Rockers Yellowcard made good on their promise to return to the TV show they were forced to snub - by making it the first stop following singer RYAN KEY's throat surgery. The group was supposed to appear on US TV pop show CD: USA in April (06) but had to cancel when Key was forced to have a cyst removed from his vocal chords. Key returned to rehearsing with his band last week (ends09JUN06) and wasted no time in returning to TV, taping a performance for CD: USA the next day. He says, "I was just having a lot of problems since early last year... I've always had to fight very hard to keep my voice in shape. "I started having really serious problems with it and we tried to fix it over the next six months or so without the surgery but it just ended up that that was gonna be the only way to really get rid of the problem I was having. It feels a lot better now." Key's surgery nightmare was caught on camera by a longtime Yellowcard roadie and now the group plans to release the footage, dubbed ADVENTURES IN SURGERY, on an upcoming DVD. Key adds, "He just sort of followed the whole thing, from when I landed in Los Angeles to the rehearsals, which was, like, the first day I was gonna sing with the band."