Yeah Yeah Yeahs are ''surprised there aren't more songs about mosquitoes''.

The indie-dance band have named both a song and their new album after the small blood consuming insects, and think they are an under-appreciated topic for songwriters to tap into.

Singer Karen O said: ''I basically wanted to write songs about things I felt strongly about and mosquitoes turned out to be one of those things. I have a strong dislike for mosquitoes. I'm surprised there aren't more songs about mosquitoes actually.

''I think with this record there's probably a lot more tongue in cheek than there has been on the last couple of records.''

Karen added she and her bandmates Nick Zinner and Brian Chase have put a lot of effort and had to regain their confidence to create the record, which they have been writing since 2010.

She added to NME magazine: ''We put a lot of pressure on ourselves for this record. It's been four years since our last one and I guess you just get feelings for the past. All the emotions that have been building up in the last 12 years just come flooding back if you're not on top of it. There's always that self doubt to combat. But yeah, we got through it and feel really good about it.''

Yeah Yeah Yeah's 'Mosquito' is released in April.