Rockers the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been forced to add a spoken disclaimer to the beginning of their new video because it's so violent and features demonic kids attacking each other.

One of the young stars of the promo for Y CONTROL, called simply GRIFFIN, appears at the beginning of the video and insists that the film is nothing more than a little harmless fun.

He says, "Hi, this next video you are going to see is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There have been no children hurt this evening, and no animals killed this evening. I'm a professional."

The promo, directed by Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O's reported boyfriend Spike Jonze, features the group acting as the house band to a world of ill-behaved kids, as their young audience performs gruesome acts of violence on each other.

One scene features a child disembowelling and dismembering another with an axe.

16/09/2004 21:35