Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer BRIAN CHASE gave up shoplifting after accidentally stealing one of his least favourite records of all time.

When the New York punk trio's sticksman was a student he used to go on shoplifting binges, until he discovered a tape he had just stolen from a shop comprised some of his most hated music.

He says, "When I was in junior high school I went to a music camp and every two weeks they'd have a dance. My friends and I would never dance, we'd just stand in a corner and be destructive in our own insecure way.

"One night they played that song ISTANBUL (NOT CONSTANTINOPLE) by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS. I didn't know what it was but I hated it and shouted, 'This sucks!'

"The next day I was in a store and I stole a tape. I got it back to my room and it was that damn Istanbul song. I was devastated and never stole anything again."