Yasmin Le Bon says looking in the mirror "ruins" her day.

The model has revealed her beauty secret is to look in the mirror as little as possible to avoid over-analysing her looks, as being short-sighted makes everyone appear more attractive than they actually are.

She explained: "I try to look in the mirror as little as I can - it completely ruins my day.

"I've become a bit short sighted and I refuse to wear glasses because everyone looks much more beautiful this way. It would spoil the illusion."

However, Yasmin is thrilled her daughter Amber - with Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon - is following in her footsteps as a model and she thinks the brunette beauty will go far, because she is "humble".

She added to Vogue.co.uk: "Amber loves people and she's humble. She's humble enough to learn from others and that's important in modelling. She has fun with it too."

Speaking at shoe designer Manolo Blahnik's party for Fashion's Night Out in London last night (08.09.10), Yasmin didn't show too much bias toward her daughter however, naming Freja Beha Erichsen as her favourite model.

She said: "There aren't many dark-haired, dark-eyed girls around so when they do come about they need to be exceptionally good, which Freja is."