Yasmin Le Bon used to be addicted to exercise.

The former supermodel says working out used to take over her life and had to take a break from exercise to let her "body mend".

She said: "I've definitely had an issue with over-exercising at times, and I had to give it all up for a year or two to let my body mend. It sounds ridiculous, but exercise is addictive - it draws you in and you ignore the pain, so I'm careful now.

"I was doing Pilates three times a week, martial arts virtually every days, and hours of cardio in the gym, but I was doing too much."

However, the mother-of-three says exercise is still important to her but has found a way to incorporate it into her everyday life.

She told Britain's Harper's Bazaar magazine: "When I'm cooking I'm always doing squats and lunges while waiting for the pans to boil."

As well as being addicted to exercise, Yasmin says at the height of her career she would be surviving on very little food but has now accepted what her ideal body weight should be.

The 46-year-old beauty said: "Back then, I lived off the odd bread roll if I was lucky.

"I know that now my body needs to be heavier - I'm over a stone more than I used to be."