Yasmin Le Bon would have been a racing driver if she wasn't a model.

The 48-year-old beauty is fascinated by fast cars and admits she would have traded in the fancy clothes and glitzy make-up for a career on the tracks if she hadn't of been whipped up by a modelling agency in her younger years.

Speaking in an interview with Stylist magazine, she said:''If I hadn't become a model, I'd have been a racing driver. I love Formula 1, especially race days.

''I've been to some Grand Prix races live and it's completely different to watching on TV - the atmosphere, smell and the sound of it is incredible, although it's quite difficult to follow what's actually going on.''

Yasmin - who was born in Oxford - insists she's still yet to master the art of driving in England because pedestrians have a habit of walking out onto roads without looking for cars.

She explained: ''As a driver you've got to be able to second guess when a silly idiot who is happily walking along and texting is about to step out onto the road without looking.

''It infuriates me because I live in London and it's so congested with bicycles, motorbikes, cars, lorries and pedestrians and they're all un-thinking.''