Yasmin Le Bon doesn't think young girls should be allowed to open fashion shows.

The 48-year-old model thinks the fashion industry is ''penny pinching'' by giving the high profile spots to young talent who don't have the experience to cope with the pressure or the courage to demand more money.

Talking to students at Condé Nast College, she said: ''I think that it is wrong that young girls are now opening shows.

''It's hyped up as a discovery of the next big thing, but actually the designers are penny-pinching. It's the world's stage and, especially with live streaming, it's global.

''These young girls don't get paid very much, and they don't have the experience or the confidence to demand to be treated any differently by the industry.''

Yasmin would prefer to see big names like Christy Turlington - who was catapulted into the spotlight in 1987 as a Calvin Klein model - and Jerry Hall - who has graced 40 magazine covers including Italian Vogue since she shot to fame in the 70s - as they have the knowledge and experience to cope with the industry.

She added: ''It's so different from Christy Turlington or Jerry Hall opening a show with so much experience behind them.''