Yasmin Le Bon is a "hoarder" when it comes to clothes.

The stunning model - who has three daughters, Amber, Saffron and Tallulah, with husband Simon Le Bon - admits she now hangs on to most of her outfits as she wants to give them to her girls because she has never got over making the mistake of selling one of her beloved designer gowns.

Talking about her collection, she said: "Like, the girls love the history. They only try to pinch the stuff I've had for years. Everything is going to be theirs eventually, anyway. Clothes are to be used: why would you not wear them again and again? That's why I'm such a hoarder.

"I made a very silly mistake once. In a moment of Madness - I'd probably just had a baby - I sold an Azzedine Alaia dress. I went back the next day to get it back and it had gone. That's my great fashion loss and it taught me a lesson."

Yasmin, 45, is a huge fan of many up-and-coming designers and recommends investing in their creations now.

She told Britain's Elle magazine: "I love the young designers coming through. I would give my right arm for everything that Christopher Kane comes up with. Now those are investment pieces. If you spend money on something extraordinary, you'll keep it forever."