Yara Shahidi likes to wear a garment that ''takes up space'' at an event.

The 17-year-old actress loves to wear a ''bold colour'' when she attends a star studded bash so she can be the centre of attention at the ceremony as it helps her to ''establish [her] presence'' in a room filled of notable figures.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the 'Black-ish' star said: ''My favourite colour on a day-to-day is just yellow. And I love a great mustard.

''It's something that I not only feel comfortable in, but really establishes my presence. What I really appreciate about clothing is just its ability to help you take up space. When you put on a bold colour, you can't help but fill up a room.

''I think this speaks to the idea that I just want to have fun. It's always a reflection of who I am in that moment.''

Although the style icon enjoys wearing eye-catching garments, she has also realised ''small details'' can also transform any ensemble.

She explained: ''What's fun is figuring out the small details that make an outfit different and the neckline is one of them.''

And the star has even experimented with her accessories to prestigious events recently, which has seen her wear ''mismatched earrings'', although she doesn't think anyone has picked up on her unique trend.

She explained: ''I don't know if many people picked up on the fact that there have been multiple events in the past couple months where I've worn mismatched earrings.

''It really comes from taking small risks and figuring out what works and what doesn't. For me, the colours that I've worn have changed and the cuts of shirt that I wear have changed--but I have never sacrificed comfort.''

And Yara has revealed her hair can impact on her wardrobe choices.

She explained: ''But it depends on my hair, too. Sometimes it's huge and takes over. Sometimes it's braided. Sometimes it's doing certain things. But it really comes down to the look--sometimes accessories make it and sometimes I'm going to let this outfit speak for itself.''