Turok Evolution Review
Turok Evolution Review On PS2
One thing you may have thought you would be doing in Turok Evolution would be slaughtering huge dinosaurs. Well to tell you the truth there isn't much dinosaur slaying to be done in Turok Evolution, most of the games dinosaurs are basically backdrops and most of them don't attack you apart from the odd Raptor, Triceretops and Tyranasaurus. The bulk of fighting in Turok Evolution is directed at the Sleg's, these are warrior humanoid-dinosaurs that stand upright on two legs. These lizards have over-run the lost land and you will spend most of the game engaging in standard run and shoot combat with them. Periodically you will be faced with some very basic puzzle solving, such as finding switches to open gates. Your basic objective is to kill everything that moves and reach the end of each level.

The enemy in Turok Evolution is a bit inconsistent, at times you will find Sleg warriors hiding behind cover, rolling out of the way of your shots and even falling back to a defensive position. Other times though you might find a dinosaur stuck on a piece of the background making it a very easy kill, generally the enemies are pretty tricky to deal with but at times you will find a Sleg doing some very strange things like running round in circles.

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The shooter levels in Turok Evolution don't add anything new to the genre although you do have access to an impressive arsenal that ranges from the club and bow and arrow to much more exiting things like a plasma cannon. Turok Evolution adds one new major feature to the rest of the Turok series, flying stages. Basically you will take flight on a pterodactyl armed to the teeth with machine guns and some very nice guided missiles. This does sound a bit silly, I know, but these stages are pretty good fun and they add a good dose of variety to the game.

As you would have thought any first person shooter worth its salt should feature a multi player mode and Turok Evolution comes with a fully featured multi player mode that has its own unique levels, options and variables like power ups, but it only supports two players. There is a generous selection of maps and 10 game-play variations. In addition to the standard death match there is a sniper game that only allows head shots plus there is a game called monkey tag, the object of this is to kill the person with the ball. On top of all this there is a flying Pterodactyl mode which enables multi player air combat. All this should keep you and your mates busy for a long time after you have finished the single player game.

Turok Evolution Review On PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com Turok Evolution Review On PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com Turok Evolution Review On PS2 @ www.contactmusic.com

From a presentation and graphical point of view Turok Evolution does the job pretty well. What you see is a load of overgrown jungle, some futuristic industrial areas and armoured lizards with laser rifles. Turok Evolution has the same jungle look as you have seen in previous Turok games in the past, but it now has a graphical upgrade.

The sound doesn't have much that is worth noting, everything from the weapon blasts to the enemies voices to the tribal music are all good but not really outstanding.

Whether you're going to buy Turok Evolution will probably depend upon your interest in the past Turok games. Apart from the few minor issues this latest incarnation a pretty solid all round and apart from the flying stages it doesn't do anything new for the genre. If you want to blast enemies till you heart is content and you're not really bothered about any puzzles and stuff, Turok Evolution is for you.

7 out of 10