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E3, LOS ANGELES May 22, 2002 Capcom Eurosoft today announced plans to publish Steel Battalion, an exciting battle-mech simulator, exclusively for the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft. Using the most elaborate controller interface ever created, players take a virtual seat inside the cockpit of a mechanised VT (Vertical Tank) and enter into futuristic military warfare. Players pilot 20 different mechs over the course of the game while participating in a multinational task force operation to overthrow the government. Ultra realistic visual effects and mech battles in a first-person perspective create the ultimate mechanised military warfare experience. Steel Battalion is scheduled to release across Europe this winter.

Steel Battalion players operate a strategic battle mech weapon through 12 action-packed levels, fending off dozens of adversaries while attempting to diffuse a riot that has ensued on a Pacific island ruled by a military dictatorship. With a diverse armoury at the player's disposal, including plasma torches and a MK21-6 twin pod rocket launch, there is sure to be plenty of high calibre action. Completing the game will unlock new missions, maps and enemy robots providing excellent replay value.

An exclusive 40-button controller has been designed to completely maximise the gaming experience and immerse the player into the role of a Vertical Tank pilot. With trigger buttons to fire weapons; foot pedals to accelerate, boost and brake; levers to shift gears and move left to right, gamers must utilise the full potential of their VT's abilities in order to survive on the battlefield. Mastering the controls of this tactical vehicle allows players to feel as if the VT is part of their own body.

"It is the power and performance of the Xbox hardware that really makes Steel Battalion possible," said David Miller, Marketing Director, Capcom Eurosoft. "Steel Battalion is truly a game like no other. Thanks to the special 40-button controller gamers will really feel as if they are piloting a mechanised Vertical Tank. Gamers have certainly never experienced anything like this before."

Steel Battalion boasts the following features:

1. 40-button simulation controller designed and produced exclusively for Steel Battalion.

2. Choose from multiple models of VT's including the Behemoth, Decider and the Falchion.

3. Wide variety of weapons such as plasma torches, a 270mm rifle, a MK21-6 twin pod rocket launch, and many more.

4. Twelve intense action-packed levels. Unlock new missions, maps and enemy robots once the game is completed to provide endless action and entertainment.

5. Intense mech battles are recreated with stunning visual effects thanks to the power of the Xbox hardware.

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