The Sims

The Sims reviewed on XBOX

Surely you have heard of The Sims?

Since it's first release back in 2000 on PC The Sims has become the number one selling computer game of all time.

With a stunningly original concept and a very fine execution of the premise you can loose yourself in a world where you are given the responsibility of your own living computer being with feelings and needs.

sims on XBOX @

There is not much to tell you about the Xbox version that hasn't already been covered in previous reviews of the recent PS2 port or the original PC version and it's many add on packs. Unlike the original when you first begin the game you will have to "get a life" this entails designing your own Sim. You have control over all aspects of; sex, facial features, dress sense, hair style etc.

When EA released the Sims on PS2 recently the 3D engine was tweaked and updated, if you only know of the Sims on PC you will be very pleased to see that on the Xbox all aspects of the graphics are neater. The backgrounds are cleaner, there is less pixelization and as I was saying the 3D camera works much better and is no longer sluggish.

Soundwise not much has changed on the Xbox version although this was always a strong area of the original game. As your Sim goes about his daily life meeting friends, going to work, cleaning the house or chilling out in front of the TV or radio you get the

atmosphere building day to day sounds which make the game fun plus the muttering of gibberish (simlish) as they communicate with each other.

A couple of new features are a split screen two player mode which should help stop those "it's my go now" arguments. There is also the option to turn off the ability for your sim to practise free will. This is a good thing. As the main problem with The Sims when you first play the game is fitting all the crucial tasks such as eating, sleeping and staying hygenic into the alotted time.

If you have never seen The Sims before and have an XBox then you should take a look at this game. It is completely different to anything else on the market and deserves its place in gaming history. If you are a Sims veteran from the PC or PS2 days there is not much in the way of improvements in this version. Although, if interfereing in other people lifes is something you enjoy in the real world then the Sims is gonna make you laugh, cry and everything inbetween.

7.5 out of 10