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First In-Your-Face, Adrenaline-Style Soccer Game to Score on Next-Generation Systems

RedCard Soccer is a unique entry into the soccer genre, with an authentic combination of soccer action, lightening-fast gameplay, stunning next-generation graphics and intense adrenaline-style gameplay. Emphasizing the most popular aspects of professional soccer, RedCard Soccer features 32 international teams, stadiums and rabid soccer fans from around the world. Players engage in bone-crunching slide tackles and spectacular over-the-top animated moves including bike, flip and scissor kicks and ankle-breaking dekes and jukes. Players can also raise the team’s momentum and add increased attributes while an aggressive player AI offers loads of scoring opportunities and penalties.

RedCard Soccer is the only in-your-face soccer game slated for next-generation consoles,” said Justin Heber, Managing Director, Midway Games Ltd. “Midway is dedicating RedCard Soccer to gamers, soccer fans and hooligans alike with this raucous gameplay attitude, which will spice up the normally traditional simulation soccer category.”

Players can choose to compete in a single game with up to four players in Friendly Mode or challenge their friends in a quick, single-elimination tournament in Party Mode. If the championship is the ultimate goal, players can choose the Cup Mode and compete against the remaining 31 teams or use the Create-a-Team feature to produce their own custom super-team, choosing different players from each country.

RedCard Soccer Key Features

11-on-11 – Every team is given 11 (including goalies) athletes, each with the ability to be under the player’s control, one at a time

Adrenaline-style Gameplay – RedCard Soccer combines authentic soccer action with over-the-top gameplay

32 international teams compete for the ultimate championship while wild soccer fans cheer them on

Easy to Learn – A context sensitive control system that allows players to utilize more controller buttons when they become more comfortable with the game’s controls

Rewards/Power-ups – Skilled players can unlock modes, teams and stadiums, and uncover the hidden power-ups to enhance the game and add replay value

Extreme Animations – All different types of exaggerated kicks including bike, flip and scissor kicks, as well jukes, dekes and quick passing from feet to heads

Stadiums – Visually stunning environments with realistic texturing

Momentum – Players have the ability to raise the team momentum for limited amounts of time.

Player Attributes – Players possess ratings and attributes matching their physical size and abilities

Three Gameplay Modes – Friendly Mode, Tournament/Party Mode and Cup Mode

Create-a-Team – Players create their own custom super-team by choosing players from different countries

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