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Experience the heroism of World War II in Prisoner of War, a new kind of escape adventure.

Capturing the intrigue, danger and heroism of Allied escape attempts from POW camps during World War II, Prisoner of War is a new kind of escape adventure. Its gameplay delivers a tense third-person gaming experience where the only weapons are the player's bravery, stealth and cunning.

This unique adventure begins when Captain Lewis Stone, the game's lead character, is imprisoned in the German POW camp system after his surveillance aircraft was shot down over enemy territory.

In World War II, the Geneva Convention bound these Luftwaffe-run camps. In general, POW's were relatively well treated; rations were available and a degree of respect was shown. Stay within the rules and you'd just make it through the war. Step out of line and you risk a German bullet.

However, this is just what Stone has to do in Prisoner of War. Making contact with a cadre of long-term prisoners, Stone becomes involved in the discovery that a mysterious new weapon is being developed in the camp by German scientists to use against the Allies.

Knowing that Prisoner of War camps are the only sites guaranteed safe from Allied attack, the scientists are using the camp as a cover to develop a piece of highly advanced weapons technology.

As Captain Lewis Stone, players use quick wits, information and stealth to uncover further details of the weapon's development and ultimately change the course of the entire war.

Stone uses all his ingenuity to reach restricted areas, steal objects and undertake an audacious plan to uncover information. Daringly avoiding guards both at night and in broad daylight, Stone has to find a way to report his findings to Churchill's Special Operations Executive in London.

His tactics can't rely on huge explosions, or blowing the enemy away, or racing around at breakneck speed. Instead the player has to think their way out of their situation, hiding in the shadows, using items they have found or stolen and turning the camp's routine against itself.

Stone's adventure sees him making use of disguises, posing as a German guard, sabotaging equipment, escaping Stalag Luft, being ensconced in Colditz Castle, and even calling in Allied air strikes. Fellow prisoners can assist Stone in different ways - possibly for a price - as he works against the fearsome array of German guards, lieutenants, kommandants and the evil General Stahl.

Prisoner of War's developer, Wide Games, has created models of both camps in accurate detail. The camps' guards, lieutenants, and commanders run their patrol with realistic military precision thanks to Artificial Life programming and advanced artificial character intelligence.

Complete with a blockbuster conclusion to the adventure, Prisoner of War is being developed for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC by Wide Games and will be published by Codemasters this summer.

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