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New Legends on XBOX

From the creative minds of Infinite Machine, comprised of key members of the award-winning

Jedi Knight and Dark Forces teams at LucasArts, comes a first wave showcase title for the Xbox game console.

New Legends is a 3rd person action game setting man against militia, in a world of tomorrow, where both technology and tradition blend to create a rich, and threatening world. It's a thrilling combination of mysticism and machines, of blades and bullets. The action is intense: how long will you take to master the melee weapons and the dazzling martial arts attacks so you can save the civilization from the impending doom...?


1. Visually astounding graphics meld both historical China and a highly-stylized futuristic world

2. Approach battle with the style and skill of a martial artist, wielding two weapons at once, while performing dramatic martial arts attacks and fantastic Special Moves

3. Visible inventory of up to four weapons carried on the main character's back include a variety of defensive, ranged and melee weapons

4. Each weapon has three or more moves associated with it, but controls are kept simple

5. Acquire super-powerful weapons, "Forbidden Blades of Heaven", by defeating each of the five half-demon offspring of the evil Xao Gon

6. Key NPCs battle alongside you, bringing to life the story and incredible environments.

It Was A Time Of Chaos,

A Time Of Defiance,

A Time For Heroes.

New Legends on XBOX @

New Legends on XBOX @

New Legends on XBOX @