Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Reviewed On XBOX

Midway bring their classic beat 'em up series; Mortal Kombat to the Microsoft Xbox with their brand new instalment Deadly Alliance. Anyone who has played or seen Mortal Kombat on any of the many consoles on which it has previously featured over the last ten years will already know that the characters, in-fight action and underlying plot are all top quality stuff. Anyone brand new to the game is in for a very nice surprise and a whole load of fun.

Since its release last year, the Xbox (in my opinion) has not really delivered a definitive fighting game, Dead or Alive is over clinical & aimed too much at the Japanese market & Capcom Vs SNK also disappoints. So what we want to know is "does Deadly Alliance kick butt and does it fill the gap in the Xbox fighter market"?

The storyline has evolved and the two hardest baddies have formed a deadly alliance to over-throw the universe and begin their rule of terror. Obviously, it's your job to stop them. When you first start playing MKDA you will notice that Deadly Alliance plays very different to any previous MK versions.

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Almost every element of the game has been reworked. Lots of new characters have been added as well as two new modes (Konquest & Krypt) these new modes are basically a tutorial and an area for opening up new goodies such as characters, arenas, and costumes.

Every character now uses three completely individual fighting styles. Two are hand to hand combat styles beautifully moulded around the fighters own characteristics and also one weapon style - these range from double Broadsword action to sticks, nunchakus, ropes daggers and much more. On top of this the more practised fighter will be pulling off special moves, combos, launch moves and juggle moves to give their opponent a thorough beating.

The characters have also had a careful revision, some of the old favourites remain and a whole bunch of new fighters have been added. The returning characters are Cyrax, Jax, Johnny Cage, Kano, Kitana, Kung Lao, Quan Chi, Raiden, Reptile, Scorpion, Shang Tsun, Sonya and Sub Zero. As well as the old crew new challengers have been created - the rookies are : Frost a female version of Sub Zero. Bo Rai Cho, a drunken monk style trickster. Kenshi; a telepathic, tai chi master with no eyes. Mavado; a tall dark warrior with a built in retractable rope system that helps him move around the arena super fast. Lei Mei is your basic female fighter. Drahmin is a decomposing demon with a huge club hand. Nitara is a vampire with wings. Hsu Hao is a kind of demon with a "Kano'esq" heart implanted in his chest and that is about it.

Graphics-wise MKDA on the Xbox really delivers. The fighting all takes place in full 3D and the training (Konquest mode) for some characters encourages you to use side-stepping techniques & reversals. What I am getting at is, you can use the space available in the arenas much better. The arenas look superb, ranging from acid drenched temples to ice arenas. The same goes for the characters that have all been painstakingly rendered and look stunning.

Overall MKDA is a needed addition to the Xbox roster. Beautifully architected and great to play MKDA has truly taken the number one spot when it comes to Xbox beat 'em ups. If fighting is your thing you must have this. If fighting games are not your particular passion MKDA will still give you hours of fun.

9.0 out of 10