LMA Manager 2003 Review

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LMA Manager 2003 Reviewed on XBOX
LMA Manager 2003 from Codemasters has now arrived. Loaded up with all the latest players from all the leading teams in the English, Scottish, French, German, Italian and Spanish leagues, 17,000 players and 720 clubs in total plus the recently implemented European transfer deadlines and great voiceovers provided by football celebrities Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen.

It has to be said that LMA is the undisputed leader of football management console games. This is a bold statement especially with the extremely addictive and truly great Championship manager also being available on the Xbox. If the two games are compared in a head to head battle for the Football management title, Championship takes it every-time. LMA really comes into its own if you are not a football nerd. The 3D engine for viewing the games helps to realize the experience; this is where Championship Manager falls down. You can see which players are performing and which aren't with your own eyes. Another few cool features in the 3D game mode are you can have a florescent trail on the ball which makes following the game play easier and you can also have the players names or numbers above their heads or alternatively you can turn them off, you can choose from an array camera angles including dugout cam and you can even holler commands from the sideline.

Previous attempts at knocking Championship manager off the top have tended to over complicate the gameplay employing the logic that more options and things to contend with make for a more realistic management sim. This is not the case, who cares about sponsorship deals and stadium design when there is a football team to manage?

What you need to create a believable and enjoyable gaming atmosphere is a nice amount of available tactics and stats, the ability to hand over any amount of training responsibility to the coaching staff and the feeling that your own decisions are making a significant difference and the feeling that you can see them happening.

LMA Manager 2003 Reviewed on XBOX  @ www.contactmusic.com
LMA Manager 2003 Reviewed on XBOX  @ www.contactmusic.com
LMA delivers this with a few frills to boot. The pre-mentioned frills do ware pretty thin pretty quick though. Once you have seen the spoof "match of the day" style highlights with the star commentary a handful of times you have had enough of it and are likely to click straight past in order to get back to the footy action. Even the 3D engine becomes more of a hindrance than a joy quite quickly.

All in all LMA Manager 2003 is a nice entry point into the world of football manager simulations. If you find Championship Manager too nerdy but you still think you could enjoy taking your team to the top and maybe even winning the cup you will find LMA easy to use, pleasant to look at and a whole load of fun.

7 out of 10