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Review: X-Press 2 @ Plan B, Saturday 2 June 2007.I can't believe that I was silly enough to get excited about seeing x-press 2 do a 6 deck extravaganza as it was one of the worst sets I have ever heard in my life (so bad that I'm sat here cross eyed writing this before I attempt to get some shut eye - my night was so bad due to their lack of talent that I had to go online to tell you all about just how bad they were). I love my partying but have slowed down a bit recently and was really looking forward to a good dance; I haven't been out in ages and this was gonna be the night that I would put an end to the clubbing (and dancing) drought. The resident at Plan B did a fair enough job at warming the crowd up, when x-press 2 were due to come on it was pretty busy: well they soon emptied it - and they looked like they didn't give a monkeys. Firstly the 3 of them were just up there having a good chat, then the sound didn't work correctly, when they finally got the music to an audible level it was the biggest anti-climax; I'm sure they had about 3 tracks on permanent rotation throughout their set - one track each! Why the 3 of them were up there with that amount of decks astounds me as they weren't doing what I expected them to do - they didn't even look like they were mixing let alone working together on the decks to get the crowd excited. They didn't read the crowd at all, who incidentally weren't "really" dancing - just plodding along with the music. They came on late meaning that the next DJ to come on after them had to wait till 3am to get a look in, by which time the majority of people had left. When he came on, the people that were left in the room actually had a proper dance but there were so few people there that it was nigh on impossible to create the right atmosphere. Ashley Beedle, Rocky & Diesel - you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. You probably got paid s**t loads to play there and you were disgraceful. I've seen the S Men work wonders with 6 decks, read the crowd, get them whooping and cheering but you 3 looked like you were just standing there, pressing buttons and not even listening to what you were doing. You are so obviously not in this for your love of the music and pleasing the crowd but to line your own pockets. I've always been a massive fan of yours but I will never pay money to see you again - stick to producing records as it's all that you're good at.

Posted 10 years 3 months ago by Fubky-Chicken1978

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