X-Men 2 will stage an ambitious opening - it will be able to be seen in 93 countries across the globe within three days.

Beginning on April 30 2003, the film will break records for the most rapid opening across the world.

The producers are determined that the film will be the global event of the year, beating The Matrix 2. They also want to avoid internet piracy of the film.

SCOTT NEESON, a spokesman for Fox who are distributing the film says, "X-Men 2 just has that sense of being a worldwide event. The first one was a success for us and this one is even better.

"But you also got a market that's savvy and people are talking to each other online, so there's a risk of people doing spoilers online.

"We think this will be one of the most sought after titles for the pirates and this is one way of combating it."