X-Men director Bryan Singer is hoping to save the troubled Superman movie, after becoming the latest in a long line of filmmakers to be attached to the project.

Over the years, the latest anticipated installment in the series has endured a virtual revolving door of directors and actors being linked to the project before rejecting it.

Tim Burton, who re-imagined Batman in the late 1980s, took a run doing the same with Superman around 1996 with star Nicolas Cage, but the movie fell apart in pre-production.

Rush Hour film-maker Brett Ratner also joined the list of hopeful Superman directors, but after Josh Hartnett turned down a deal which could have earned him $100 million (GBP56 million) for a three picture deal, he withdrew over budget and casting disputes. Ratner's top choice, soap star Matt Bomer, was rejected by Warner BROS.

More recently, Charlie's Angels director McG dropped out of the project, after apparent disagreements over locations and budget, making way for Singer to take over.

Singer says, "My interest in Superman dates back many, many years. In fact, it was the (original 1978) Richard Donner classic film that was my day-to-day inspiration in shaping the X-Men universe for the screen.

"I feel that Superman has been late in its return and it is time for him to fly again."

Superman, originally played by Christopher Reeve, hasn't appeared on the big screen film since 1987's SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE.

The role of Superman, which has reportedly been offered to Brendan Fraser, Paul Walker and The Rock in the past, remains uncast.

19/07/2004 21:46