X-Men's violent mutant Wolverine has topped a poll of fictional power players, beating off stiff competition from boy wizard Harry Potter and comic book-hero-turned-movie icon Spider-Man. The survey, conducted by Entertainment Weekly, sees Hugh Jackman's character - currently featuring in X-MAN: THE LAST STAND - destroy a string of high-grossing film and TV rivals. The result boosts Jackman's chances of fronting a spin-off solo movie for his character. Cartoon bad boy Bart Simpson enters the list at just ninth position, while reserved The Da Vinci Code academic ROBERT LANGDON is a surprise choice at number five. Only one female character is included in the chart - Tyler Perry's motor-mouth grandmother MADEA. The top ten fictional power players are as follows: 1. WOLVERINE 2. HARRY POTTER 3. SPIDER-MAN 4. Shrek 5. ROBERT LANGDON 6. Jason Bourne 7. James Bond 8. JIGSAW 9. BART SIMPSON 10. MADEA.