X-Men 2 director Bryan Singer is fuming after an argument on the set of X-MEN 2 made it into the public domain.

The movie maker upset members of the crew when he took a painkiller, stopped shooting the film and rowed with his longtime friend TOM DESANTO, a producer on the film.

According gossip website PAGESIX, Halle Berry, who plays STORM in the film, told Singer to "kiss my black a**" because of his behaviour.

Now Singer claims that the whole thing was blown out of proportion.

He says, "Some gossipy, freaky person decides to embellish a story and some idiot calls the NEW YORK POST . . . The fact that anyone's talking about this has nothing to do with what really happened and everything to do with, 'We've got to have something to talk about because we're bored.' Unbelievable."

He does admit to the fight with DeSanto, however, adding, "It was resolved that evening. That was nothing. Tom and I, God, we've had some real fights."

22/04/2003 17:11