Rebecca Romijn feels under pressure to lose weight.

The 'X-Men' actress is determined to shed the pounds she gained while expecting her seven-month-old twin daughters and slim down to her pre-pregnancy size because the film industry demands she looks good at all times.

She said: "The pressure to lose weight definitely comes from the business."

However, the 36-year-old beauty says looking after Dolly and Charlie - her children with actor husband Jerry O'Connell - is more important to her than any film role and she is relying on the final few pounds to drop off naturally.

She explained: "I have a way more important job at home with the babies. It's not something I ever worried about. The weight that I gained felt very natural, losing it was very natural. And I still have some way to go. Hopefully I will lose the rest too - but those last 10lbs, man oh man!"

Rebecca is not the only celebrity mum who has struggled to shift their baby weight.

Earlier this month, singer-and-actress Jennifer Lopez - who gave birth to twins Max and Emme in February 2008 - admitted she found it an "uphill struggle".

She said: "I thought the weight was going to drop off easily because I'd been in shape my whole life. But it wasn't easy. It was an uphill struggle. I had gained about 50lbs while pregnant. The first 30lb dropped off like that and I was so pleased. Then I had to lose the last 15 or 20lbs that just didn't want to go. I had to diet and work out a lot."