X-Men hunk Hugh Jackman is nervous about his new stage project - because it is such a departure from his superhero persona Wolverine.

The Australian star is to play Liza Minnelli's gay first husband PETER ALLEN in the musical THE BOY FROM OZ on Broadway.

And the heart-throb is worried many people in the audience will be disappointed to see him in this role.

He says, "I hope there's not too many Wolverine fans coming to the show looking for testosterone, because they're not gonna see it! I keep imagining them coming on opening night saying, 'Don't kiss that guy! This is bullshit.'"

"Peter was a boy from the Australian outback. He used to be the opening act for Judy Garland, who he met drunk in a club in Hong Kong. His life was truly amazing."

29/04/2003 13:12