Country star Wynonna Judd's recent stint in rehabilitation has helped her make amends with her estranged stepfather after a decade-long feud. The singer fell out with her mother's former husband MICHAEL CIMINELLA shortly after learning he wasn't her biological dad. The news that she and actress sister ashley had different fathers devastated Judd and led to an over-eating disorder which has threatened her life in recent years. But, after checking into a Texas rehab facility in January (06), Judd came face to face with the demons that set off her food addiction problems - and that led to a confrontation with her stepfather. She says, "My dad came (to rehab). I hadn't seen him in 10 years and we made amends. It's a miracle." Judd's 42 days in the Shades Of Hope clinic also helped the redhead come to terms with the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. The singer now plans to confront her abuser, stating, "I don't have to live in that guilt anymore... He (abuser) better pack his lunch because I have some things to say." Judd first revealed details of her horrific first sexual encounter in her autobiography COMING HOME TO MYSELF. In the book she claimed she was violated sexually by a teenager when she was 12-years-old.