Country star Wynonna Judd has tackled her food addiction problems head on - by spending 42 days in rehab. The singer checked into the Shades of Hope clinic in Buffalo Gap, Texas, on 8 January (06) after realising her constant need for food was a disorder. Judd has since lost 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) and she's now determined to live a healthier life. She says, "I just didn't want to come into 2006 like I had so many years of just being so tired... I just wasn't able to really take care of myself like I needed to and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. "(Going into rehab) was like going to college and learning why it is such an addiction... I learned about myself... why I do the things I do. We are so distracted by so much in life. I slowed down to a pace where I could think thoughts, feel things." Judd admits the rehab experience was tough - she was forbidden from snacking on the things she loves. She adds, "The first thing they do is they take away the addiction and I went through detox, literally. I detoxed through caffeine and sugar which is some of the worse detoxing you can do. You want somebody to be miserable take them off sugar and caffeine for a week. "By the fifth day I got really sick and by the second week I felt clear. I was no longer in food fog, they call it." Judd credits her new healthy life to a strict diet, which follows the Association for Diabetes food guides: "It's plenty of food, it's just not white flour, no sugar, no caffeine. It's all vegetables and healthy protein and starches."