Hip-hop star Wyclef Jean accepts his Yele Haiti foundation has been "poorly run" - but he's determined to make it a leading charity hub for the desperate people of his homeland.
The former Fugees star's charity has been targeted by critics, who claim the Gone Till November hitmaker has personally profited from foundation cash.
Jean insists that's not the case, but there is evidence that some of the people he has hired to help him run the charity have been abusing their position.
Speaking about the charity controversy on Wednesday's (20Jan10) Oprah show in America, the proud Haitian said, "When you're starting (a) business, it's important to have the right people around you. When you're starting a foundation it's even more important... It's important you have logistics on the ground - the helicopters, the trucks; that's the only way you're gonna make a difference.
"So the attack on me, it basically came because, once we started our movement, no one was focused on Yele until they noticed that we were raising $1 million a day after the earthquake. What that did is it rose a lot of eyebrows.
"Is there a mistake in running the foundation...? Of course... Have I ever used Yele money for my personal benefits? No... I put money into my foundation.
"But I do think it was poorly run and I think that we have learned from our mistakes, and, moving forward, I think we're gonna be stronger than ever."