Former FUGEES star Wyclef Jean has announced plans to shoot a video in a show of support for his native Haiti.

The video for NEXT GENERATION and PARTY BY THE SEA will be shot in the Little Haiti section of Miami, Florida, and will feature his pals Buju Banton, Scarface and Haitian group T-VICE.

Jean, who hopes his video will realistically depict the troubled Caribbean nation, says, "Through music, people are united despite their cultures, views, race or creed.

"Music is responsible for creativity and change. That is why this video is needed."

Jean is using the promo to urge nations of the Caribbean and abroad to show support for Haiti, which is embroiled in civil strife after the country's elected president, JEAN-BERTRAND ARISTIDE, was forced to flee the country following a rebel insurgency.

The video will be shot early next month (APR04). During the shoot, Jean will hold a press conference to announce his plans for a relief effort for Haiti.

26/03/2004 20:07