Wyclef Jean has switched his focus from music to motor cars - he's pitching a sports car he's designed to car company giants MERCEDES BENZ and CHRYSLER.

The former-FUGEE boasts his automobile creation will be affordable to aspiring motorists despite being a cross between a FERRARI and a CORVETTE.

He says, "A lot of people are getting their name tagged onto a car, but Wyclef Jean will be the first ever to come up with an actual car. Everything from the creation of chassis to the wheels, all created by Wyclef.

"I got my mechanics, some young wizards that I roll with, and I'm working on it myself. We'll present it to Benz, to Chrysler, whoever wants to give us the best offer.

"But I don't need them to build the car for me, we can do that ourselves."

25/03/2005 17:43