LATEST: Wyclef Jean was the first celebrity to congratulate Angelina Jolie on her pregnancy news, after he heard his actress friend is expecting a baby.

HENRY DOMINIQUE, of Jean's Yele Haiti Foundation charity, was the first person to get the official news from Jolie when he asked if she was pregnant while visiting her on the set of her new movie THE GOOD SHEPHERD in the Dominican Republic.

The actress, who is a fervent supporter of the Haiti-based charity, confirmed she is pregnant with her lover Brad Pitt's child and revealed they are expecting a summer (06) birth.

Dominique then reported the good news to his boss in a phone call.

THE FUGEES star Wyclef says, "I said, 'Let me speak to Angie,' and she got on the phone and I was like, 'How's my baby doing?' She sounded very excited, she sounded very happy."

Pitt and Jolie's publicists have since confirmed the good news to America's People magazine after the publication printed new pictures of the actress revealing her baby bump.

Jolie's character in The Good Shepherd also falls pregnant.